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Our goal is to provide families with the most comprehensive, thoughtful pediatric care. From the postpartum mom with recovery and breastfeeding issues, to the growth and development of the infant, child and teen. We are committed to offering a more integrated and community based approach to pediatric medicine.

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At Complete Care Pediatrics we focus on providing you with the information needed to make the most informed, evidence based decisions surrounding the care of your family. With a strong foundation in early infant and maternal care, we support the family as a whole, all while providing thorough, thoughtful and complete care of the child.

Changing Pediatrics

In a world where medical visits are getting ever shorter, we are incorporating group well care to offer a more comprehensive and thoughtful approach to well visits.

Group well visits begin at the 1 month mark and continue through 2½ years. The visits consist of brief one on one exam time followed by group assessment of development, review of anticipatory guidance, along with question and answer time. These group visits take place over a course of 2 hours and will address all age specific concerns.  Group visits foster a community setting in which families can bond over shared experiences.  A built-in network of support and friendship fostered over years of growth and development, together.

Group well care puts time back into the art of medicine, and good medicine takes time. Time to listen, time to ask questions, time to share experiences. It's pretty magical when it happens and we can't wait to share the experience with you and your family.

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Molly Gilpin PA-C, IBCLC


I have been a physician assistant since 2002 and found my home in pediatrics in 2008. In 2012 I went on to get my International Board Certification in Lactation Consulting (IBCLC) and I have loved adding this component of mom/baby care to my scope of practice.  Starting Complete Care Pediatrics was driven by the desire to implement more thoughtful and complete medical care for families - hence the name.  

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