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Growing our services and partners

Continue to check back here often as we update and expand our offerings.

Play Therapy

We are excited to partner with a local pediatric physical therapist who specializes in both development and play, and the beautiful marrying of the two. 

Mental Health

Offering mental health services to our families is something we are committed to. We are thrilled to have Sideny Brees-Martinez, LPCC, ADDC as our Integrated Care Clinician at Complete Care Pediatrics.  She is available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for one on one appointments and leads our postpartum group every other Thursday from 2-4pm. 


We are working on curriculum for several classes including: infant massage, daddy boot camp, baby led weaning, sleep training, picky eating, potty training and more. 

Please reach out to your provider or our front desk if you have questions or are interested in learning more about these services.

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