My Career...So Far

I have been a physician assistant for 

19 years, with a focus in pediatrics 

since 2008. At this point in my 

career, I have a solid understanding 

of what complete pediatric care 

should look like. I continue to 

explore my options for returning to pediatric practice, and hope to have a more solid timeline and information to share with you by the end of November. Please know that doing what is best for you and your family is always my # 1 priority. I will always support you in this decision. I treasure the time I had with all my families. After all, you shaped my practice style and helped inform my choice to not settle for anything but what is just right for you and me. 

To stay informed on what my next steps will be, please reply to and let me know you want to continue receiving future newsletters.


As we creep into the traditional cold and flu season, keeping tabs on what bugs (both viral and bacterial illnesses) are circulating in the community is always top of mind. This link from Children’s Hospital of Colorado is really helpful to refer to when I need to know what to keep on my radar for my family and yours. 

I am also spending a lot of time searching new sites for relevant information for my families. I am really liking Green Child Magazine and Physician Guide To Breastfeeding for young families and moms that are breastfeeding. 

Inspirational and encouraging platforms on Instagram that always brighten my day include: Project Happiness and Tiny Buddha.

Thank you!

I’d like to thank all of you who have 

reached out to share well wishes and 

support. Those messages make my 

day and remind me why I love 

practicing in pediatrics so much. That 

being said, I miss interacting with 

your kiddos dearly. 

I have taken some time this past 

month to bone up on some hot topics 

in the lactation world, attending a few 

online conferences and diving into the 

controversial world of tethered oral 

tissues and tongue ties. Probably a bit 

of a bore to you, but having time to 

really delve into the issue has been 

super informative. 

I am doing some private lactation 

consulting when I get the opportunity 

and it has been a luxury to spend as 

much time as needed with these 


I’ve also spent some much needed time with my family and have enjoyed getting out in the beautiful fall weather. I can’t remember a fall as stunning as the one we have had here in Colorado this year, it has been breathtaking. 

I look forward to keeping in touch!

Molly Gilpin